We cultivate environmental stewardship through community education, engagement and activism.


Who We Are

EarthEthos is a non-profit organization that believes through learning and innovation, people and the environment can thrive together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Through our work, we hope to inspire the next generation to be eco-literate and civic-minded stewards of the Earth. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


What We Do


We do this by designing and planting urban learning gardens that provide outdoor classrooms and hands-on activities for students of all ages; by developing and implementing innovative educational programming; by engaging in local blue-green infrastructure projects; and by engaging neighborhoods in activities that foster community engagement and environmental activism.

We help children, teens and adults gain a better understanding of the need for ecologically balanced use of water, food, energy and waste systems in our cities. Through hands-on learning experiences, we hope to expose youth to career opportunities in the diverse fields of ecological and environmental studies.

We research, practice, demonstrate and teach:

  • The role and importance of blue-green infrastructure practices and how they can be implemented and practiced in homes, schools and neighborhoods.
  • Techniques for growing food in urban environments.
  • Skills for better communication, collaboration and environmental activism.
  • Reviving habitat and biodiversity through ecological restoration.

We believe children, youth and adults of all ages and backgrounds should have opportunities to interact with and help maintain our diverse landscapes, to learn about growing food and caring for the environment, and to explore ways they can be better stewards of the earth. 


Why It Matters

Practicing and teaching sustainable landscaping and blue-green infrastructure strategies benefits individuals, local communities, our cities and the Earth in many ways. While the focus is the long-term preservation of the Earth and resilience of our communities, many of the benefits are immediate and available to individuals.

Environmental Sustainability

  • using fewer resources and using them more wisely
  • cradle-to-cradle approach to design thinking that mimics nature
  • increased biodiversity
  • reduced pollution
  • reduced impact of a changing climate

Social and Environmental Resilience in the Face of Change

  • urban growth
  • climate change
  • rising sea level
  • weather extremes
  • risk of earthquakes

Health Benefits for Individuals

  • healthier air, water and food
  • reduces stress
  • happiness and well-being
  • connectivity and belonging
  • heightened awareness and systems thinking

Building Stronger Communities

  • greater sense of belonging
  • improved safety
  • healthy, local food sources for all
  • community support and engagement

Retaining a Sense of Place

  • geographic identity
  • cultural identity
  • space for humans and wildlife

Our Approach


EarthEthos addresses the needs for communication and connection between civic and private partners in spreading the message of sustainability and ecoliteracy. Educators have the difficult task of preparing future generations for an exponentially changing world in which intelligent use of resources and the implementation of a green economy are essential. 

Many public schools and institutions lack the financial resources, facilities and time to offer comprehensive environmental education programs. That's where we come in. By harnessing various resources, we move the classroom to the communityproviding hands-on learning experiences and community engagement for students, their parents and others in the community. 

EarthEthos is also dedicated to helping balance the inequalities that exist in educational and environmental resourcesnot just in terms of who receives a quality education, but also in terms of how they receive it. We refine and create educational materials to be culturally relevant for underserved populations.


“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

— Baba Dioum


Get Involved

At EarthEthos, we believe partnerships are the key to education and engagement in our communities. If you have talents, ideas, time or resources to offer, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we can help cultivate stronger, more resilient communities and tomorrow's environmental stewards.